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Are you kidding me???

Look who's having a great sale!! Bath and Body Works is having a wonderful sale on almost everything. They are selling their great classics for $5, that's half off from $10.

the irony of this sale is that last week I ordered some of this stuff and paid full price! I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter!!!

Anyhow, here's your chance to get a good deal and it is.


  1. That's gotta stink!

    Sorry about that....

  2. Stinky for sure! Maybe they will give you a refund. Sometimes stores will if they have a sale within so many days of your purchase and you show them the receipt.

  3. Awww man! What a bummer! and you prob. had to pay a ton in shipping too. I empathize!

    Love bath and body! wish we had one here but we do have something similar that helps me get by. :)

  4. I love going when they have sales.

  5. Love that stuff! Sweet Pea is my personal fav!

    Sorry that you just bought some.. that is stinky! errr umm not so much stinky but.. yucky :D


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