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Wow, that was a fast week!

I know that I've been MIA but I've been busy, sometimes life just has the preeminence over blogging, believe it or not.

We just finished up our Bible conference with Bro. Smith from Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. The theme this year was Working Together and it was great.
Each night Johnny ran is route to the Gypsy village and brought in around 15 - 18 kids each night. Praise the Lord that 11 of those children were saved throughout the week and we also had an adult couple saved on Saturday.

The childrens ministry has grown in the past few weeks and we're so thankful for each of these precious souls who have been coming.

The little kids table in Sunday school and we also had another table set up with 10 - 13 year olds.
That is Ljubica, the national pastors wife teaching the kids, I'm her helper! Anyhow, it was great and we are more than thankful to Bro. Smith for coming and spending some time with us in Croatia. Can't wait till next years prophecy conference!

What else have I been up to, let see...not much but I did get something special yesterday, a new pair of inline skates. I have been wanting to get into some sort of out door hobby for both health and fun. My dear friends at our home church sent me some birthday money and I choose these. Yesterday was the first day I had ever been on roller blades and let me tell you, I'm not as young as I used to be. When I was young I used to roller skate all the time but inline and roller skates are not the same. It took me a little while but soon I was zipping along. In my new found arrogance I decided to race my oldest, I was winning until I took a little detour to the ground. Don't panic, I'm okay, a little pulled hamstring and a skinned up knee and palm but okay. Actually I got a weird pleasure from my wounds. I dunno, it was like being a kid again.

So often I don't do many of those active things outside because of vanity. I know I look silly doing some things in my skirts or culottes but I think I'm getting over that. Really I don't know why I should feel weird, I'm dressing like the Lord wants they are the ones who are the weird ones.
Anyhow, I guess I ought to make me a pair of thick blue jean culottes so I will be a little more modest when I fall and the thickness may save my legs a bit. I dunno!

Anyhoo, I'm not up to much lately. Been on the look out for some old furniture to refinsih or paint and I purchased an old buffet the other day at the open market. I'm planning to paint it a rich red color and use it inthe office. Also I managed to obtain an old desk the other day from a friend and it comes home tonight. I'm going to sand and paint it for my sewing table, I can't wait.
Will photograph before and afters unless they turn out really bad. :0)

Running off to do some laundry and change some sheets!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful meeting. Also glad to hear you are OK after the fall you had on your roller blades. You are braver then me.

  2. When I first read your post, I thought you were in Oklahoma City, which is just an hour from me, but I read closer and see you had a helper from OKC.

    sounds like you had a great week!

  3. What a great all-inclusive post!

    Praise the Lord for souls saved! I love seeing all those children at church!

    I love your skates, and I know exactly what you mean about feeling weird.

    Can't wait for pics of your furniture.

  4. AMEN!!! I got all excited about the children you are able to bring to church!! wow!! Praise God!

    Another thing we have in common. I roller blade too! I love it!

    I am snoozing at the key board so I need to get to bed. We really enjoyed our time with Nina and family.

  5. Anonymous4:58 PM

    I've had a fun time catching up a bit on your blog since I'm not back from my blogging sabbatical. First of all I *love* your new look! Rick-Rack is my FAVORITE! So fresh and spring-y.

    And good for you for roller blading. I'm glad you weren't hurt in your fall. As a child I was a very good roller skater but I must admit that the only bone I ever broke was my arm and it was while roller skating. Be careful! (o;


  6. I would love to see a photo of you in your skates.

  7. Ha Tori.. I can just imagine you all full of pride thinking you had it and then falling.. I can only imagine it because it would SO happen to me!!! :P

  8. OH, I would love to visit you all in Croatia.
    Hey, would you want to meet up with Pilar, Nina and I in either Madrid, Milan, or Frankfurt? I know baptist missionaries in Frankfurt and in Rome. But Nina can´t get cheap flights to Rome.
    I will keep you posted what city we decide on. We are gonna try for mid June. and it will be just for a couple of days. Nothing major just a way to meet and spend some time getting to know each other better.
    What ya think? do you have a Ryanair airport near you anywhere?

  9. What a blessing! I can't wait to be able to see so many faces/blessings in our church.
    Praise the Lord for the work being done in Croatia


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