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Cults and a new do!

Yesterday I took Hannah to the salon to get a haircut, she was way over do. So we try a new place because we have going to a lady that we're really not happy with, anyhow we tried this new place and had to wait for a little time. As we waited a little lady came in, she was probably around 65 and obviously pretty well off.

As we sat waiting for Hannah's turn the little lady (we'll call her Mae) turned to us and commented on how pretty Hannah's blue eyes were. I told her that she looked like her Daddy and we began conversing. Before long we were on the subject of schooling and as soon as I had to explain that she was home schooled it began to get interesting.

Mae said, hmmm and what do you do here in Croatia so I told her we worked in a Baptist Church and my husband was a preacher. She then asked how many members we had, so I told her that we had about 30. She shook her head and said "your church sure is small, why don't you have more members?". I thought to myself that 30 was a nice round number and if we could get all 30 there at the same time we'd be so happy.

Anyhow, she then asked, "If I come to your church, what do I get?". Actually she confused me and I had to ask what she meant. She then said, "Oh, If I come to your church I won't get anything I'll just have to give?" "And you Baptists are an American religion too, right?" As I started to tell her that we were a Bible religion she quickly moved on. By now I realized that she was one of the ones who made it well known that us Baptists were a cult.

Anyhow, after a thorough grilling from her and not much room to get in anymore than that Jesus was the head of our church it was finally her turn. I can't say that I was sad, it was like talking to a very snooty brick wall.

I realized though just how the general public see us. We're a cult in their eyes. They know nothing about us but what the priest tells them to believe. They really don't care to know who or what we are so I guess it's our job to tell them.

What's funny is that she went on about us going door to door passing out tracts and witnessing and it's really funny because guess whose neighborhood we're going to today??? HA! God is so good, we already had it planned before I met her.

On a serious note, I wasn't able to witness to Mae for many reasons. First off my language is decent but not good enough to witness in a the middle of a salon and not look like an uneducated idiot, and the atmosphere wasn't at all conducive to having such a personal conversation. I feel really bad that I met Mae but didn't tell her how to go to Heaven. Have you ever been there, in public with someone you know needs to be saved but some how you can't get the conversation turned to that or that little hint of pride or shame gets in the way? I know you have, we all have. It's funny how many people we pass on a daily basis and fail to share the most important news. I'm a bit ashamed but I'm sure it'll help me realize that every meeting with everyone may be the last for me and for them, then it'll be too late. Please pray for Mae.

Okay to Hannah's new do, (drum roll please).....

So there's Hannah after getting about 5 or so inches cut off. She really likes it and so do I.

Have a great Lord's Day!



  1. Hannah looks so pretty with her new hair cut.
    I sure know how you feel about this lady.
    Sometimes though, even if you try as hard as you can to tell them about the Lord, you can't because as you said, it is litke hitting a big wall. Some people just think they have it all figured it out. They need much prayer for softer hearts.
    I will kill for those 30 :)!!

  2. Yeah, You hit the nail on the head there, Tori!
    How many times does my lack of Spanish or my own self consciousness gets in the way of telling someone about Jesus. We just have to pray harder and work harder. ;)
    I was just about ready to post about an experiance the Lord brought to my door for the KJV blog. Pray I can post it in a God honoring way and not let too much of my frustration show.
    big hug from Spain! I empathize big time!
    btw! Hannah´s hair cut is very cute! she is adorable!

  3. have I been there....tooo many did good Tori--you were still sowing seeds...
    and that sweet Hannah looks beautiful...great hair-do...

  4. Tori,
    As I read your post this morning, sitting around people in a hotel breakfast room in Akansas, I was convicted. Everyday, while we are on the deputation trail, we met people that we will never see again. Lots of times I do share the gospel with them, but there are other times when I don't.
    We(Baptist) do have the answer to a lost and dying world. JESUS CHRIST.
    The main thing that I was convicted of is not praying enough for people I know that are in service for the Lord. I will pray for Mae and also for you and your family.

  5. I appreciate you for sharing your story with us. How many times we fail to share the gospel (and we don't have the excuse of a language barrier) I admit, it touched my heart. I'm afraid, that sometimes we just get content in our own little world, and fail to realize there are so many souls out there who just need to be reached. Your post was a blessing.
    I love your daughter's new look. Very cute.

  6. we have all definatly been there..

    LOVE Hannnahs new hair.. she looks cute!

  7. You did a great job trying to witness to Mae, Tori. I hope she will accept Christ at some point. You have planted a seed.
    Oh, and I love Hannah's hair! :)

  8. You're right that we all deal with those feelings of inadequacy at one point or another; I'm glad you tried to talk to her, but it's hard when they don't want to hear what you have to say. I hope and pray her heart will soften up some by the time you visit her neighborhood!

    Hannah's cut is so cute; it turned out great!!!

  9. I prayed for Mae, and yes I have been there, too. But who knows - sometimes the most vocally opposed turn out to be our greatest allies once they are born again.

    Ya never know!

  10. Yes, we have all been there.

    Hannah looks so grown up with her new hair do~Very cute!!!

  11. We were accused of being a cult the other day at the immigration office.....stinky I tell ya!! And oh, so frustrating!

    Hannah is beautiful!!

  12. Hannah's new do looks great! She is a very pretty girl. :)

    Yes, I've come across people such as Mae and it is heartbreaking that they are so closed to the Truth.

  13. Tori, I prayed for "Mae". You are right, I have definately been there.
    I love Hannah's hair. She is so pretty!

  14. Hi again!
    It was good for me to read what you wrote about the JWs being as lost as Catholics. Yes, we tend to have more compasion for Catholics. It´s a good comparison for me to remember.
    Do you have many where you all are?

  15. Hannah you look so pretty with you new haircut.

    I will pray for Mae. I think she probably saw more of your life by seeing you and your daughter and your attitudes than any tract would have told her. I am sure that she will not soon forget. Who knows who may show up at church one day!!! connie

  16. Love Hannah's new do. As for the witnessing, I've been there more times than not.

  17. I found it so funny that you would be going to her neighborhood and that it was planned ahead of time. Isn't it funny how God works? Do you think He allowed your meeting with Mae to come about to prepare you for a second meeting with her? Or maybe it was to help you realize and prepare you for what you would be facing in that neighborhood. Wow...He never ceases to amaze me. I'll pray the Lord gives you all wisdom when you're out visiting. By the way, do you have translated tracts?

    And Hannah's hair is too cute. She's such a doll. Her hair looks thick and beautiful in the before shot, but the new cut is beautiful too! THUMBS UP, HANNAH!!



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