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SWD 2/20

My very first Simple Woman's Daybook...

Outside my window...fog, lots of fog

I am thinking...about finishing my doll quilt

I am thankful for...children who always give good morning hugs

From the learning rooms...up to my neck in papers in need of grading

From the kitchen...fridge is needing some cleaning :0)

I am wearing...a navy pair of culottes and a pink sweater twinset

I am creating...a doll quilt and a new apron

I am Budapest in a few weeks

I am Hosea and Matthew

I am hoping...for some warmer weather

I am hearing...the kids discuss school at the kitchen table

Around the house...there are many jobs needing to be done, especially the ironing

One of my favorite the song my husband wrote and sang to me on Valentines Day

A few plans for the rest of the week:the normal weekly things, school, church, soul-winning and more church

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Johnny and I headed out on date night.



  1. Just wanted to let you know I had our newest daughter Sunday morning.

    I have posted a couple pictures on my blog.


  2. What a sweet picture of you two! And how fun and romantic that he wrote a song for you :o)

  3. You look beautiful, Tori! What a good picture of you two!

  4. Hello Tori,
    What a good picture of you and your husband. I love reading your blog. You seem to have everything in order and under control. So unlike my life. LOL. Any way. People do say there is life after deputation. It is all a blur to me now.


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