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Wonderful New Years Gift

Look what arrived in our town this week; a container sent all the way from our good friends at Harvest Baptist Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa, pastored by Bro. Marvin Smith. Guess what the container contained...okay, yes it contained boxes but guess what is in those boxes...100,000 copies of John and Romans taken from the new translation our men are working on at the moment. Bro. Milan is Roma (Gypsy) and one of the most faithful men in our church

It's an awesome feeling to actually see the hard work they have put into this project in print in our hands. God is so good to give us His precious Word and what better thing could one do than to give a reliable copy to a people in their own language. Croatia has many translations but all are flawed by man's openions or interpretations. The Croatian Bible project will be a mirror image of the King James Bible, when language allows, and the KJB is the final authority for the project. Please pray for the Croatian Bible Project, the devil is working overtime to derail it and everyday is a spiritual battle.

Anyhow, here are some random pictures of the container and the men unloading it. I love watching men work! *Ü*

Our oldest boy Cody checking out the cargo

Bro. Rajko (Rich to his friends and family in Christ) is the pastor of the church in Čakovec and he is doing a wonderful job. He loves the Lord is is a true testimony of how a man can take on the spirit of Christ.
Bro. Alan 1 and Bro. Alan 2, really that's what everyone calls them. Bro. Alan in the red is a faithful soul-winner and he loves the Lord. Bro. Alan 2 is a new Christian and he is trying to do right and get things prioritized. Please pray for Alan 2 and his family, his wife isn't saved. Almost empty!
This is Joshua, our 13 year old. Does he look tired or what?? It was absolutely freezing outside, about 29 when they inloaded, see the red ears.

Oh yea, guess what else came in that container that we were totally excited about; new church chairs!!! YEA!!! Our home church, Trinity Baptist Church have us $1700 to buy new chairs for our church. These chairs are to die for, I'm not kidding. They are the chairs that interlock to form a pew of sorts and they are super cushy! We are so excited. We have been sitting on rock hard kitchen chairs for 7 years and this is like Christmas in the best way. Here are our old chairs that we are very thankful we had and that will now go to the new church plant in Varaždin. If you remember this post you'll remember the whole ordeal with the chairs, well that's over now, praise the Lord!! These chairs are headed to Varaždin and will stay there.
What a mess, a little assembly is required.
Joshua is so enjoying our new, comfy chairs. Now we may have a problem keeping folks awake!

Cody's working hard to get 'em done. There are 50 of those boogers, so you keep on keeping on Cody!

Sunday I'll be posting an "after" picture, with our chairs all in place.

Special thanks to our pastor Dr. Bob Smith and Bro. Marvin Smith at Harvest Baptist for making it all possible. Praise the Lord!



  1. Praising the Lord for all of this Tori....this is exciting and I share your joy....

  2. Looks like you and your family are hard at work. May God bless you for doing what God has called you to do.
    Praying for you and your family in 2009.
    God bless.
    Your sister in Christ,

  3. Amen! Praise the Lord.

    God Save Croatia!

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Oh how exciting!!! Praise the Lord!!! (o:

    I can't wait to see a picture of all the chairs put in their place. And your sanctuary looks very nice too.


  5. That's wonderful, Tori! The new chairs look great, and it is so exciting to see some of Johnny's translation work coming to fruition. We rejoice with you! :o)

    Have a blessed year 2009!

  6. I am so thrilled with you! Praise the Lord!

    Thought of you lots over the Christmas season. Spoke of you and your ministry there yesterday with my family. Your pictures of Christmas in Croatia really opened my eyes to a lot.

  7. Praise the Lord! I'm so happy for you all, Tori! :)

  8. Congratulations!!!! That is so great~Praise the Lord!

    Have a wonderful week

  9. Anonymous10:17 AM

    That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you guys!

  10. That was such a wonderful gift.

  11. Amen, Tori!! I'm praising the Lord with you!!

    Can't wait for the "after" pictures!

  12. Happy New Year! Yeah for the new chairs and for the John and Romans translations!

  13. Wow! What a blessing! I'm so excited for you all. The new chairs do look a lot more comfortable:)

  14. Good for you! What an amazing gift we have in God's Word and I just love what you're doing over there. God bless you and your family! :)

  15. How great is that! Love your before picture of the chairs...and the old ones too...what a great way to bless another church!! We want to see a now picture when the chairs(blue ones) are assembled:)!

  16. All I can say is WONDERFUL! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I'll pray about the translation work. Enjoy the new chairs!

  17. Well, Amen! That is just wonderful, Tori!

  18. Wow! What great blessings to start off 2009 with! Isn't God good????


  19. Oh what a wonderful post!!! PTL Tori

  20. Tori,
    It was so fun seeing the pictures of your container unloading of Scripture and beautiful chairs! Jeri Lynn

  21. Praise the Lord for your chairs.
    I am praying for you all over in Croatia.
    Love, Holli


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