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Free Shipping at Old Navy

Look who's got free shipping for the next two days and also 10% off if you buy $75 or more!!

Old Navy has the best strait jean skirts for little girls. I was looking on e-bay and used jean skirts were selling for $18!! Are you kidding, no way I would pay that for a used skirt when I could buy a new one for the same price. Two months ago I got the skirts for $15 now they're $19, but still.

Anyhow, I just thought I would share!


  1. Oh, yes, my favorite jean skirt is from Old Navy and I wear it all the time! It is a good, heavy quality material and has lasted almost three years so far, and I know it will last quite a few more! :o) That is a great deal, especially with the free shipping.

  2. I too got my favorite jean skirt from Old Navy.


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