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A Day at the Market

Last Saturday Johnny and another man from church sat up at the local flea market passing out tracts and witnessing. I decided to join them although later in the morning, no reason getting up too early. Another lady from the church showed up and she and I went to rummage through the stuff. It was a great day and lots of people we're there with their junk.

I think we did pretty well and found some really fun stuff.

I found these who fun brown thinggys. I think the first one is a mug and the second, I dunno, maybe a bud vase? I don't know by I paid a quarter for them, not a bad deal!
The we found this lady who had lots of old sewing stuff. She had this ribbon which is typically European and it was only a dollar for about 100 years and maybe more. My friend and I halved it and this was my half.

She also had this great red ribbon, traditional style and also a huge amount for $1.

Around the next car we found this cute little pitcher and handleless mugs. I love them but....after I got them home I noticed a very earthy smell in all of them. A clay or dirt sort of smell, not nasty dirty but very earthy so I don't know how well they'll work for drinking purposes, but maybe some cute flowers. Hmmm....
I found this nice little plate ready to hang and you know what's cool. It was made in our city the year I was born, cool huh?
This little orange gem is my favorite. I love the twisty handle and the weight of the thing. It's great, don't know what to do with it but for a quarter, I couldn't pass it up.
Oh yea and some more stitching stiff, this is a roll of black bias tape, it's about 3" wide. Can you image how much there is on that roll? I don't know what I'm gonna do with it all but something. Oh yea and it was $1.

Lastly I say this carved wooden tray leaning against a cardboard box and asked how much. The older gentleman told me that if it was worth so much because it was hand carved. I said really, he said yea and then he said it was carved by a man in Ljepoglava, and town in Croatia. I said really, then my friend elbowed me and asked me if I knew about Ljepoglava. I looked at her and asked, what about it. " It's a prison town", so apparently is was carved by a prisoner in that town. So again I asked him how much, the carving was so nice, rustic but pretty intricate, he wanted 30 kuna for it, which is about 6 dollars. I thought about it and finally decided to get it. I don't usually pay $6 for anything that I'm not immediately going to use but I really liked this.

It's nice that it's been made into a tray, covered in glass it could be used for anything. I love it!

Here are a couple close-ups of the tray, did I say I loved it?

When we came to Croatia we sold or gave-away everything that we had in the states. I brought nothing in way of things other than clothing and so on that we had before. So everything we have in our home is very new, 8 years old or younger so I have been looking for older things to give the home a warmer, aged feeling. Now if I can just figure out how to put all these things together.


  1. Mabrook! I would love to find things like that. Friday market just has mostly junky stuff. Yuck! I love the pics you post of your treasures.

  2. what great finds.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red pitcher and handless cups!

  3. Great finds!! You're such a great deal finder...oh, by the way...Ms. Dawne Hart found out that our IKEA does have fabric....wahooo!!

  4. Great finds! I love the ribbons and what a price. I would just wash the mugs and pitcher in a bleach solution. It would kill everything and anything that may be lingering from previous use. Just a thought.

  5. Great finds! I love the ribbons and what a price. I would just wash the mugs and pitcher in a bleach solution. It would kill everything and anything that may be lingering from previous use. Just a thought.

  6. I love the plate! The tray looks much like a set I have from Venezuela!

  7. Everything is beautiful, Tori! My favorites are the flower plate and that tray. I'm sure you could make a really pretty wall hanging arrangement with them. Or, you could put up some shelves and have some of that stuff up there. I wish I could find more stuff like this whenever I go to yard sales/flea markets, LOL!

  8. I love the pitcher and mugs, they are so cute. But my favorite is that amazing tray, I would have splurged and paid $6 also.
    Thanks for all your encouragement.
    Love & prayers

  9. You sure found some beautiful and neat pieces. And for a steal too!

    I think I know what that brown vase is at the top. It looks strangely like the vase where Jeannie lived in "I dream of Jeannie", no?

    Enjoy your day and many sweet blessings!

  10. those are just beautiful! And the ribbon and bias tape how cool! I'm happy you got such great deals.

  11. That tray is really pretty. The pitcher and mugs are also cute. Too bad about the smell!!!

  12. I love the tray!!!!

  13. When you find a sensible use for that black bias tape, PLEASE blog about it - I got given some just like that about 6 years ago and am still working my way through it, using it to tie random things [mostly school play costumes and tabards] but I am sure there is something more creative to do with it!

  14. Tori, you found some awesome bargains at the flea market. I think that the two ribbons are pretty and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them in the future.
    The tray is beautiful.

  15. Wow! You scored big time!! Good for you!

  16. What pretty finds! I especially like the trims.

  17. Love your finds! So adorable, especially the red earthy tea set=)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. WOW...think you really got some neat things kind of deal.


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