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Abortion and Murder

It totally amazes me how anyone especially a mother could vote for a man like Barack Hussein Obama who believes in taking the life of an innocent child born or unborn.
Here are two videos floating around that I thought you should see.

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
Jeremiah 1:5

So that I share both sides, this is what Barack Hussein Obama had to say in response:

I'm voting ANTI-CHOICE, anti-choice because only the Maker of these precious little children has the right to choose!

Vote McCain and choose to save a life!


  1. I am a missionary wife in Costa Rica and am watching the election from a distance for the most part. I cannot understand what any decent person would or could support Obama. He speaks but says nothing other than self praise. I even saw on the news a few nights ago that someone is now calling him the messiah. I must admit, I fear for my country and how blind we as American seem to have become.

  2. I'm "anti-choice" too, and I just don't understand how anyone could be anti-life -- pro-death, really! That's what it is, and if we're called "anti-choice" instead of pro-life, then let's call them what they are! It's just so sad that this is something we even have to fight for. :o(

  3. YES! One of the things that really got me on the McCain bandwagon was this answer in the Saddleback forum a few months ago. The older I get, the more appalled I become that anyone would want to take human life at ANY stage!

  4. Amen!!

    And I really like your new bloggy look! : )

  5. This man nauseates me.

  6. Amen, Sister! That is only one of the many reasons one should not vote for this Anti-American man!

  7. You made the switch on your blog!!! It looks great!

  8. Amen..that alone would be reason enough to vote McCain....
    I too love the new look........

    "This man nauseates me."



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