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That's about what this post is, a hodgepodge of subjects. I know it's been a while since I posted, life is so hectic lately. Actually it's not so hectic but it seems like it is. Does that make any sense?

The first service of the new church is tomorrow. We have been there for the last several days getting things ready. Yesterday the church sign arrived, it's not huge but it'll do pretty well. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow and also of the pulpit and inside.

It's been a pretty nice summer lately, but today was a scorcher. The other night when it was nicer the kids took advantage of the nice weather and camped out in the yard. I snuke (is that a word) outside and tried to scare them, they were suppose to be asleep but they weren't. Up for a little late night reading.
Oh I have to share this, Joshua has really got into the open market around here. The other day he found this medal at the market and was overjoyed. It is a German medal for the first and second world wars. This one is the Hindenburg combatants medal. We looked it up and even found the maker. It's his new pride and joy.
Oh I forgot to share this with you the other day. Remember my last post about Joshua's birthday and the old car show in the center of town. I forgot about this picture. They had two American army jeeps and they were the most looked at at the show. I checked to see if they were the real thing and they were, the speed was in miles and not kilometers. I guess and American military jeep would be pretty interesting, these were.

Oh I took this picture just because, I loved the flowers, how pretty!
I found this great tutorial over at painted fish studio for a necklace rack. My necklaces were the biggest mess in my jewelry box so I thought this would be fun. With the necklaces and braclets on it it almost looks artistic, I like it!
Oh I have to tell you this: The national pastor has a Chrysler minivan and the back brakes are out so he was looking into fixing them. Since it's a Chrysler (American) the parts cost a little more than other makes. Anyhow, here the back brake shoes cost $315 yea that's three hundred fifteen dollars, and Johnny called AutoZone in Texas and guess how much the same brakes were, ok are you ready for this....$11.95!!! That's like a difference of $303!!! Can you believe that? With shipping it was still a savings of about $270. Anyhow, I thought that was really interesting so you needed to know it.

Well that's just a little something from life lately. Like I said, life seems a little crowded lately, sorry for being gone so much lately.

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!!!


  1. Neat pictures. It's good that you were able to find those brakes for so cheap. If you have any friends in the military (if there are any there?) you can have them sent in a flat rate box to their APO.

  2. I think every blogger kinda slows down in the summer... something about being outside and just enjoying more time with family! :o)

    The necklace rack is lovely; you're so crafty, Tori -- you make me jealous, lol! :P

  3. Love the jewelry rack. I put hooks up to hang mine are, but it's not as cute as yours :o( I will have to make me one too.

  4. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I *love* the picture of the windows and the flower boxes.

    And I can't believe that it's cheaper to buy the parts in the US and ship them, that's amazing!

    I've been praying for your new church, I hope your services are wonderful. (o:

  5. Awwww that cute little American flag on the jeep made my heart flutter!

    You know since moving to Portugal I have come to realize how much I took for granted. Every goofy American who doesn't appreciate their homeland should be forced to live in a less blessed country for a while.

    Your jewelry thingy is cute. We've not figured out how to hang things on tile or concrete walls yet...any advice?

  6. the jewelry rack is lovely! it was wonderful to see a picture of one that someone else has made. i'm so glad you did it!

  7. We order parts from the States, too. We can't believe how expensive parts are here!

    I pray that the first service at the new church is blessed!

    Love y'all :o)

  8. Love the necklace hooks... what a cute Idea... I need to tell my mom.. she makes jewlery... she needs a spot to display her work.

    that medal is a COOL find!!!

    and I love the picture of the house and flowers... I am always jealous when I see pics of where you live (not literally) it looks so pretty there!

    what fun to camp in the yard... there is NO camping in the yard round these parts :(

  9. That is great about saving money on the brakes. I love all your photos and that medal is something that is very interesting. I love history and that is so cool that he found a little piece of history.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. I loved your "Hodgepodge" of thoughts. They each touched me. I do so hope your first Church service went well and God bless you all and continues to do so.

    Each of the other things were special as well. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Your children continue to grow and they look so happy. That is wonderful.

    I look forward to the pictures. Have a great week. connie from Texas

  12. Beautiful flowers on those windows.


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