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Fun Market Finds

Thursday morning Hannah and I headed to Varaždin to check out the local used market. We met two ladies from our church and headed to sift through the junk.

Hannah spotted this cute little dollie and we had to get it. When I was very young, back in the 70s, ;0) I had a similar doll.
She came with this little craddle which we didn't really want but I guess he through it in as a bonus.
She has a two sided head. On one side she is asleep and she has pajamas that go with that side.
Then when you turn her around she is awake and she dresses in her little dress and bonnet.

Oh yea and I also found this little cross stitched photo. It was very old and discoloring a bit but so sweet. It's about 12" x 8" and ready to hang. The back shows that it's obviously very old.
We found this cute little cotton table clothe perfect for Hannah's bed side table.

As we were getting ready to leave I found another stash. This little lacey trim is 100% cotton and I think I paid 1.50 for 4 meters.
She also had this 2 inch lace also cotton and I got it really cheap too. I have no idea what to use it on but it's so sweet I couldn't resist. Maybe some decorative cotton pillow cases. Hmm.
Oh and look at this!! I found the Guetermann thread for 1 Kuna per spool, that's like .20 cents!!! Three of them are shiny embroidery thread. Great haul!
And they just keep coming! I found this little cross stitch, it's hasn't been loved every much but for a quarter I could't help myself.
Then I noticed some buttons lying in a bucket, looked like just a handful then the Gypsy lady said, you can have them all for 10 Kuna, I immediately said OK! most of them are dark browns, blacks, blues and mixed medal suit buttons but I'll gladly add them to my stash.
Lastly, it took us almost and hour to drive a 15 minuted drive. They were apparently having a demonstration by the farmers. There were about 50 tractors driving at walking speed on the main street between our town and Varazdin. There were policeman everywhere, it was ridiculous but when I think about paying 8 dollars a gallon on gas, I can see the frustration.


  1. What super finds! I wish there were something like that here. There may be in another town and I just don't know about it yet, but everyone I've asked doesn't think so.

    The doll is very sweet.

  2. Wow some great finds! I love the doll~Too cute!

    Hope you enjoy your mid week services today.

  3. Looks like you had a great time!!
    I too had a doll very similar in the 70's, ha, just shows our maturity and wisdom.I just love flea markets and yard sales..

  4. hehehe...of all the pictures you posted, the one I took most notice of was the the last one....the pavement looks so smooth!

  5. Oh the dollie is so sweet! Personally, I love the cradle. But oh my word the grandmother had buttons like that. She would go to Goodwill and buy clothes just to cut the buttons off :) I now have her buttons; candy boxes full of them.

  6. What wonderful finds! Oh my the farmers1 Goodness!

  7. Boy, that's one long drive!

    Love the button stash!

  8. Buttons, buttons, whose got the buttons? TORI!!!!
    Wonderful deals. I love the doll AND her cradle. Very sweet find there.


  9. I love the little doll.
    Well we have nothing to complain about here in the US were yesterday gas where I live was down to $3.74 a gallon.

  10. Looks like you found some treasures. I love the doll:)

  11. Anonymous12:52 PM

    It's always so fun to find wonderful treasures for little $$, good for you! (o:

    And I agree with Deborah, the road looks so smooth.

  12. I just love the tractors on strike - it's just so unmistakeably European!

  13. Wow..I think you got some great treasures, Tori....and I too think the road looks so smooth.....
    funny the things that we notice, huh?

  14. I love buttons! Strange...I know. I love to look through buttons and find the odd ones...ones you never see anymore. Look close...we found some old military buttons once.

  15. I love your finds,I love the cradle too. I wish I still had my Momas button box. Praying for your church and services. Pat

  16. Really cute deals I love that doll!

  17. What wonderful finds! That doll is so adorable. Our lil' girls just got a bear from their Grandma that has two faces and they love it.

    You asked if our girls always wear 'old fashion dresses'...
    They do mostly wear the collared dresses, though, sometimes they don't have collars. But we do make all of our dresses, using our usual patterns, and they do tend to be "old fashioned" looking, I suppose. ;o) It's an encouragement to know you like 'em!

    ~ Christina

  18. What great finds!!!!!!!

    I love that Doll.... I should show the pic to my mil and see if she can make something similar... I think my Anna would just adore it!

    I love buttons... My mom and Mil have a collection of Buttons, I am tempted to start one myself, I always admire their button stashes! LOL


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