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Putting our visitors to work!

We started out the visit with our friends with church, that's a great place to start! Bro. Rasbeary preached and did a wonderful job. Our people sure enjoy getting to hear a variety of preachers and we're blessed that God has sent good ones our way. Oh yea and Bro. Rajko, the national pastor did a wonderful job translating too.Bro. Petchulat, a deacon at Bro. Rasbeary's church also came to Croatia and was such a blessing to us while he was here. Mrs. Rasbeary and my dear friend Marija. Marija is one of the most faithful people in our church and I was honored to introduce her to my dear friend Amanda. Here's Marija and her husband Milan, they sure mean alot to us. Altogether while the Rasbearys were here we managed to pass out at least 1000 tracts.
BTW, mine is the short, handsome one!
Didn't see anyone saved but had some good contacts. Many people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel but chose to reject Christ.

Our church is richer for their visit and just in case they happen to read this blog, don't think they will but if they do: Thanks for coming you guys, we sure love ya!


  1. 10000 tracts! You all have been busy! I pray that you will soon see fruits from this labor.

    Also have you checked out It's a better alternative to Youtube. :)

  2. Thanks Charity,
    I actually uploaded the clip to GodTube this morning but it took so long for it to show up and I'm very impatient so I went ahead and posted it from You Tube and then figured I would later change it. You read my mind!

  3. Wow.... It has to be extra hard to preach when you need an interpertur (did I spell that right?? lol)

    Thank GOd for men like that! thanks for posting it!

    Awsome about the tracts!!!!!


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