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How to remove the Blogger navbar

Hi y'all, I don't have alot of time because we'll be heading to the Gypsy village before long for a Tuesday night meeting but I wanted to share something cool for your blog.

You now this little bar that Blogger automatically puts at the top of each blog? Well there is a way to remove it and keep it from messing up your pretty blog or even your layout. It's really simple, really just a few steps and your finished.

1. Open up your blogger dashboard and find the blog where you want to remove the navbar.

2. On the right you will find the LAYOUT link, click on that.

3. As the page opens where you can change your elements and all, you want to find the EDIT HTML link near the top and click on that.

4. Find this body { in the code, it's not too far down.

5. Copy this code
#navbar-iframe { height: 0px; visibility: they hidden; display: none; }
and paste it above the body { code.

6. Click PREVIEW to see it the navbar is gone. If it is and all looks well then SAVE.

**I don't usually but you may want to save your template before editing the HTML just in case.


  1. YAY! It worked~Thanks for the tip


  2. I love tips like this, thank you! (o:

  3. Neat! It worked! Thank you!

  4. Hey
    I wanted you to read my latest post on my blog about skirts and give your feedback to me if possible..Thank you so much:) God Bless

  5. Of course it worked! I'm beginning to wonder what you can't do!!

  6. That is such an awesome tip---Thank you:)


  7. I am a friend of Jeri Lynn Wilkerson and i saw your link on her blog. i found your tip on removing the navbar, and i did it, but now i don't know how to add a post b/c there isn't any place for me to sign in to go to create post. do you know how to get the navbar back on. through a round about way, i got into the edit html and removed the words that you said to copy and paste, but it removes my hole page. i have try to google what to do, but don't find any help. i would appreciate any help that you can give me as you seem to be more knowledgable with this.

    thank you,

  8. I was wondering the same thing: if I remove the navbar, how do I click on "new post" or the "e" to get to my dashboard where I can post?

  9. Thanks for the great tip, Tori! One question though: How do you go to Share, New Post, Design, etc if the bar's not up there? I'd love to have the bar gone, but want to be sure I can get to these! :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. That does work well, looks nice too, but like the others how do we edit posts or make new posts?

  11. psst. i'm you're newest follower. We are IFB missionaries serving in Jamaica since '09. Have a lovely day, Maria


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