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Quilter, I don't think so!

It's a rather blustery day today and I'm a little under the weather. The weather changes so drastically from day to day that everyone in Croatia is nursing some kind of sickness. It has been in the mid-70s for the last week and it's freezing again. Oh well, I just hope all the buds that are already blooming, I hope they don't freeze their little petals off. :0)
I've been cleaning out all my stashed material lately and I decided I would use it all to make a quilt. Am I a quilter you ask, well I thought there was a chance that a quilter lived somewhere within me, since I love quilts so much, but after dabbling around a bit I realize something, I'm not a quilter.
Please look very closely at my totally square patches and perfectly symmetrical sides. :0) HA!!

So anyhow I was trying to do this disappearing 9 patch but to no avail. So I'm going to give up on quilting for the time being and concentrate on something else.

Oh please take a look at these totally gorgeous quilts, talk about talent.
Oh make sure to check out Helen's blog, she's a very crafty quilter.


  1. Tori! Would you let one of your kids try something once and give up on it after one try??? You have to practice these things! ;)

    I'm just giving you a gentle nudge, my friend. Maybe try a plain nine-patch first? I don't know all that much about quilting, though. Anyway, I loved your colors, especially the pink & green plaid. Just don't give up on it yet!

  2. I too have long admired quilts, and have determined to make one...soon. This year maybe? Anyway, I found these posts quite inspirational, and it seems easy enough to do and pretty hard to mess up!!! Check it out:

  3. I just wanted to stop by and say hi, dear Tori!

    It's been so long, and I think the last time I stopped by you were back in the states.

    Hope you feel better and that things are going well for your family!

    I always wanted to learn to quilt, so maybe one day soon!


  4. Hi Tori, I am not a quilter by any means either :), I have made about 4, but this is just an idea for you. If your squares are uneven take a quilters square and use your rotary cutter to trim up edges. This has worked wonders for me. Your squares do come out a tiny bit smaller but they do look even when you put everything together. With love, Holli

  5. Pretty colors, anyway. I tend to think you COULD do it with all the other neat things you've attempted! :)Jeri Lynn

  6. Wow, I just love the colors adn those quilts are AMAZING!

  7. try a log cabin or a round the world fro your first one. There is a book titled weekend quilts. with directions on how to make simple ones in a weekend. Try again.

  8. Hello,
    This is the first time I have looked at your blog. It is great. You have left several comments on my friends blog. Nina at Portugal bound. Nina and her family are missionaries sent out of our church. My husband is the pastor there now. We were just called last month to go to the country of Nepal. Looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog.

  9. I really like those fabrics together - please don't give it up! Quilts don't have to be perfect :o)

  10. How did you get pictures of my quilts to publish??? LOL
    Yah, I am not a quilter either even tho, I like you thought , "how could I not be" ... Alas I found out I am not and I am waiting for my sweet mother in law to give me a lesson or two....


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