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Okay so its not a snowstorm but it was pretty special to us. Our first snow of the year, when we were in the the states it snowed here in Croatia and when we got to Croatia it stopped, so...this is out very special Easter snow. :0)Yesterday while the family watched a movie I made these super cool head bands. I've actually had the tutorial link in my sidebar for a long time but never got around to making them. This is such an easy tutorial, I made 3 in about 40 minutes. They are reversible and so easy. Next time I'll use a thicker interfacing so they aren't so flexible. Anyhoo, check out the tutorial over at foofanagle.

Today Hannah had her little friend over for some Springtime fun. They colored a few eggs, and made and painted sugar cookies, talk about a mess but so much fun. Elvira, a young Gypsy girl is a member of our church here in Croatia. She was saved last year and her and her family attend the church regularly. Elvira and Hannah have become best friends, I'm thankful God sent her to Hannah.

Have a wonderful day!!


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  1. What a sweet friend for Hannah! :-) I pray for godly friends for our kids.


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