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Happy March 15th

Oh why happy March 15th??? Why not, why does it have to be a special day for us to wish each other a happy day? It doesn't, so happy 15th!

Things have been pretty normal here, in normal I mean no great crisis lately. Everyone is healthy, Praise the Lord for that and we're just busy doing school. We are quite a bit behind due to furlough but the kids are doing several lessons extra every day. With all this extra work being done we should finish before the next school year begins. :0) Oh yea and talk about a lot of papers, I'm checking close to 50 every time I grade, wheww.

Spring is on it's way in here in Croatia and non too soon for me. I went out in the yard today and took some photos of some of the bushes planted in the yard. With every bloom I get more excited since when we moved in it was winter and I have no idea what these bushes are, it's like a special surprise when they bloom.I'm so glad this little tree is in our yard, it's a Magnolia. They grow everywhere around here.
Oh yea and I was going to clean out all the grass around the bottom of the trees and I found these sweet little things. Do you think they planted them intentionally? Around the bottom of all the trees there is a perfect circle where the grass has been taken away, very neat but this tree had these little cuties. Oh yea and this little squirly Japanese thinggy. It's interesting.

Oh yea and while the kids were watching a movie, I made this offset square pin cushion. You start off with two squares, it's pretty cool and so easy. You can find the directions for this little cutie, here and Planet June. It took me 20 minutes total to make it, so out with the old and in with the new!!

Oh yea I wanted to let you know about the new missionary wife link I added. Atually I think I've added 3 since the last time. Sandy is a missionary in Nepal, Tammy and her family are in Guatemala and the reason I changed my links from missionary wives to missionary ladies; Amy in S. Africa.

Well hope your March 15th is a very special day!!


  1. I love your signs of spring! Happy March 15th to you, too!
    Great pincushion!

  2. the pin cushions are ADORABLE! I need one, so I should make one huh???
    I am jealous of your blooms, we had a 50 degree day yesterday but the snow was still everywhere.. I wish we would have a nice warm rain and it would wash away all this snow.. its so dirty from weeks of traffic . ect ect... its just yucky looking... I will be thrilled for a 50 degree day with NO snow..
    ... Tho I was very very thrilled with the 50 degree day yesterday as well! :P

  3. Happy March 15th to you, too!
    I love the photos and the pincushion is very cute.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.
    ~ Christina

  4. Those magnolia blooms are so pretty!I can hardly wait to start seeing some signs of spring around here.

    What an adorable pincushion! It amazes me how talented you are, all the things you sew are so beautiful! When I "try" to sew I end up ripping out more stitches than I put in...if that's possible:S and it doesn't turn out nearly as nice...Oh Well!:)

    Happy March 15th!:)

  5. Did you know that Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15. They call it the Ides of March. I'm not sure if that's how you spell it, though. I suppose I could Google the spelling, but right now I'm a bit too lazy for that. Hmmm. Oh, well. You probably already knew that anyways. Hmmm.

    Anyways, happy March 15th to you also and great work on the tiny pillow, if I can call it that without getting in trouble. LOL.

  6. I need to make one of those. That is really cute. Right now all my pins are allover my sewing box! Have a womderful Sunday!

  7. Today was very special for me - it was my daughter's birthday (29) and I surprised her and picked her up this morning and took her to the spa for a manicure and pedicure, then we went to lunch. We had a blast! We don't do that often enough - mother/daughter time is important no matter how old they (or we) get. Spring is coming here too - I love seeing all the flowers and color! You are such a crafty person - love your little pincushions.

  8. Happy March 16th! Hope you enjoy the onset of Spring!

  9. Where do you find time to do all the neat things on your blog? You are an amazing lady. Hope to met to one day.

  10. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Happy March 15th to you too - hope you had a nice one :-) The pics of the flowers are beautiful!!!


  11. I know we look VERY young... When we received our pictures, I thought we looked about 12 in that particular picture... I really do like it, though. It's so funny because when I was in high school, everyone thought I was in my twenties... now that I'm in my twenties, everyone thinks I'm in high school...

  12. Those magnolias are beautiful. They are abundant here right now but unfortunately while I love to look at them I am very allergic.

    that is the coolest pin cushion. I wish I was crafty.

  13. Very pretty flowers!! :) The pin cushion is so cute.

  14. Beautiful flowers!! Spring is my favorite season!
    BTW.....I think the pin cushion is adorable as well!

  15. Cute pincushion, Tori! And what a pretty apron! You inspire me - I've been needing to make one or two myself.
    Tammy :o)

  16. Oh what beautiful flowers..I love flowers blooming in the spring!! Its such a beautiful time:)


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