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Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to ME that is!! Yes today is my 35th birthday. I'm closer now to 40 than 30 but that's okay. My family delighted me this morning with several surprises. First I woke this morning @7 to banging and clattering. My Johnny had woken early and put together my birthday present. I have been wanting a cabinet for the living / dining room area and this morning he surprised me. It's lovely too and our LR/DR is all finished. I love it.
Oh yea and my sweet kids presented me with three beautifully wrapped pink packages. The first from Hannah was a new box of paint brushes. Joshua gave me 4 crisp while canvases and Cody gave me an assortment of paints. Just want I wanted! Oh yea and they cleaned the house for me today, wasn't that sweet!!

Oh yea, I made this quilt top from my male family member's old jeans back in July of 06. I stuck it in a bucket and forgot about it since I didn't know how to bind it. Well the other day Johnny was in the office and I wanted to be near him so I got out my quilt top and started playing around till I figured it out. I did figure it out, and you know what I finished and got so much satisfaction from finally finishing it. It now has a special place on the back of our couch and it means a lot to me because I used my husband and boy's jeans.
Oh yea the legs under the quit are the legs of my oldest boy, Thanks Cody!

Gotta run and get ready for church now, have a great prayer meeting!


  1. Happy birthday! I am so happy you are having such a great day! May God bless you on your special day!

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    well happy birthday! and the quilt is beautiful, i thought you said you could not quilt!i like the idea though, the way Jon(my hubby) and my boys go through jeans, that is a GREAT plan. sd

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Oh Tori, Happy Birthday my friend!!! I remember when I was 35! It seems like forever ago LOL!

    I absolutely LOVE the cabinet AND I love your quilt!!! Good job, young lady!! I'm so proud of you!!


  4. Happy Birthday!!!!
    May God greatly bless you and your family. 35 is a great age!

    Glad to see that you're all settled. We won't be until the container arrives. It w

  5. A very happy birthday to you! It sounds like your family is giving you the royal birthday treatment! =)

  6. Happy birthday!

    Wow! 35. You're really getting up there!

    Just kidding. Please don't hate me!

  7. Tori,
    Happy Birthday! Glad you are having a wonderful day with your family, and you sure got some nice gifts.

    You did a GREAT job on the quilt~Very pretty.

    Enjoy your prayer services tonight

  8. Happy Birthday, Tori! It looks like your day has already been wonderful! I like the cabinet and the quilt.

  9. Oh, happy birthday, Tori! How fun that our birthdays are so close together :~) The cabinet is beautiful and I love the way it looks in that area -- especially with that wall item hanging right above it! So pretty!

    What a great family you have to make your birthday so special!

    P.S. The quilt is pretty neat, too :P

  10. Have a Happy Birthday! The quilt is wonderful! Love it!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! I LOVE your quilt! You did a great job on it.

  12. I agree with everyone else...I thought you couldn't quilt!------
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Tori....
    Happy Birthday to you!!

  13. Happy, happy Birthday!

    What a nice quilt.

  14. Happy Birthday,
    Have a Happy Birthday,
    May Jesus be near,
    Everyday of the year

    Happy Birthday,
    Have a Happy Birthday,
    May this be the best you've ever had.


  15. Happy Birthday Tori!It sounds like you were give some special gifts. I can hardly wait to see what you paint! I really enjoy oil painting, although it's been awhile since I had my paints out.

  16. Oh happy Birthday! I really am happy you had a good day.

  17. Wishing you a very blessed birthday! :)


    What sweet and thoughtful gifts! I'm sure you enjoyed your wonderful day.
    I LOVE the jean quilt. I have been saving Will's old jeans to make one some time, too.

    ~ Christina

  19. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love this blog have such creativity in Croatia!! I love to paint too, so I love the b-day present you got for painting!
    God bless and thanks for blogging!

  20. Happy Birthday, my friend! What lovely gifts from your family :o)

    And a denim quilt top - neat idea! what did you use for the back?

  21. Hey Tori... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    What lovely gifts, cant wait to see your paintings :) and I love love love the quilt... I have a bunch of jeans to make a quilt.. I want to make a circle one I seen online... some day :)

    btw, I have moved... long story but, I am now over here
    Come and see me sometime :)
    ~Kristy Jo

  22. Happy happy birthday Tori
    Sounds like you were blessed with great gifts and wow that quilt....great job....

  23. Tori!
    Happy belated Birthday!!!! That is my brother's birthday too!
    It sounds like you had a great day!!! :)

  24. Happy Birthday (a bit late)! I love that quilt!

    BTW, I'm glad you posted the tutorial a while back about doing the vinyl lettering. I'm thinking of doing some in my LR now that I'm figuring out how I want it all decorated. I'll have to put up pics when I manage to get it done!


  25. Happy Belated Birthday to you!
    The quilt is wonderful. Did you have difficulty sewing through the thick layers? That has always been an issue for me in sewing denim.

  26. Hi Tori. Sorry it's late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE the bluejean quilt. Nice job. Keep up the great work.

  27. Happy BELATED Birthday! Sounds like you enjoyed a very special day.

    All the memories in that quilt make it even more special and you did a fabulous job!


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