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Sve je Uredu

All is well in Croatia. We're getting settled in and I think we're even over the culture shock. Who would have though after 8 years, go figure!

We have started school back, much to the dismay of the children. I think we needed the order so we weren't just floating around. We weren't actually organized enough to start back, but a day of school is a day of school.

Yesterday was Soul-winning and it went well Johnny said the national man Alan is really getting excited about it. He doesn't talk yet but soon. That's what's needed, for the nationals to see the need.
I took this picture of the sun set the othernight, at least the clouds and I thought I would share it with ya, lovely huh? Everynight the sky has looked like that, I love it!

Today Johnny is gone to Rijeka to pick up some furniture with Bro. Rajko, the national Pastor and on the way he's gonna look at a few mini vans for us. Before we took furlough the church was in major need of a van for a route and we were eventually gonna have to sell our van so I said good-bye to my mini van. Well we're back and since we're actually almost carless, we are using a car that the buyer of our old mini van traded us, it's like a 1980 something and is barely going. Only the back windows work and one of the back doors is rusted through and you can't open it or it'll come off the hinges, anyhoo, Johnny is looking at a Kia Carnival today, do thay have those in the US? and hopefully soon we'll have a new vehicle well new to us. Whewww, was that a mouthfull or what???

This is so funny, Josh our 12 year old refuses to use the word define. When he looks words up he uses the word (and I say word loosly) definitionize, yea his own word and he loves it.

Oh yea I saparated my links in the side bar, now the Missionary Wives are in their own section. You gals have your own section, how cool is that!!!

Before I go I thought I would highlight my friend Michelles blog she's really sweet and mom to 5 girls, and Jessica's blog, she's a preachers wife with 6 kids, she's gotta have some insight!

Okay I thought this was so funny. Please if you are not homeschooling, I mean no offense, it is funny though isn't it??

Have a great weekend and Lord's day!


  1. Tori...the picture is GORGEOUS..what a great shot...
    Hey that is the same sky we have...over on our side of the world..see you are not that far away...we share the same sun,moon,stars....and we love the same SON....

  2. Tori,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for encouraging me so much. You can link to my blog if you want. I would like to link to yours also if you don't mind. I love yours also. God Bless!

  3. I'm glad you're settling in, Tori!!! \o/ I loved the homeschool cartoon!!! :-)

  4. I love the picture, beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful picture, Tori! I'm glad to hear you are settling in and getting back to your routines.


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