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Slowly Settling In

Well we have been here almost two weeks and we're slowly settling in. It's hard to find a functional place for everything so it takes some time. Plus I'm a little leary to put pictures on the walls until I know for sure where they go. It's hard here, once you put a hold in concrete there's no covering it up, so I must plan ahead.
I did take a few pictures of the outside of the house and the kitchen. So that there is no mistake, we are not rich missionaries we just serve a rich God. We are renting this house for just a little more than the last old raggedy one we lived in .
house from the street
I always wanted a yellow house ever since I was a kid and God just seen fit in His goodness to give me one even if it's just for a few years. I like it and it's first class compared to normal Croatian standards.
from the front door looking toward the garage

front yard looking toward the road

The yard is really nice and landscaped very nicely. We signed the contract today and it has to be exactly the same when we leave for the next city in 3 years. I'm not the best gardener, I wanna be but I usually kill more than I grow. Hum, better fix that. Oh yea the yard is really nice, the gate can only be opened if we BUZZ the visitor in and then there is the garage we can go through and those are the only ways into the yard, good for kids.

I know you all wanted to see KD, she's our Croatian Golden Retreiver. She's Croatian only because she was born here but she has an American heart. She's bilingual too. :0)

the front door

It's prety modern but we like it. The kitchen, dining and living rooms are all together. The outward wall is pretty much all windows. I have lot's of sewing to do to get the curtains ready for that wall.

Oh yea the kitchen. It's samll but very functional. I love the way the cabinets open, from bottom to top. Oh yea that pot of the stove is hot beef stew, we had it with corn muffins. Yum!

One more, this is the stairway going upstairs. I have to figure out what to put on that wall between the windows. Any ideas are greatly welcomed.

So that's a few pix of the new house, I'll post more and I clean up all the clutter everywhere. Thanks for being so interested!


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Oh wow, your house and property are beautiful!!! :-) Instead of putting holes in the wall, you could use velcro to hang pictures. That's what we do in our RV :-) Just a thought!

  2. Welcome back to blogging (and Croatia), I'm so glad you're getting all settled in! The new house is lovely, and I can't wait to see all the things you'll do to get it fixed up! I have the same problem as you: I don't want to put things up until I know for sure that's where they're going... I think it's partly because we're a military family. I've heard people say the rule is, once you have your home fixed up exactly the way you like it, that's when the AF tells you it's time to move... and guess what? I have the house pretty much done up now, and our house is set to be demolished in the next few months, so we're moving! LOL!

  3. Tori, I am soooo excited for you!! The house is beautiful! We sure serve a wonderful God, don't we?

  4. Your house is beautiful! We do serve a rich God, amen! He gives the desires of our hearts so many times. Your kitchen looks so nice, and I love your yard. I'd be quaking in my boots at having to keep it looking like that - my thumb is not green! Enjoy your yellow house from the Lord!

  5. Hi Tori...visiting you via Good News...and I will be back and excited to read about your adventures and blessings (as I can SEE you already are rejoicing in) your missionary life.

    See you again..
    Hope@ wateringwellsofhope

  6. Tori....LOVE it..Praise the Lord for how HE has provided...
    I miss the kind of blinds that you have on the outside..we had them in Italy...and called them Rolladins....don't know the spelling...but we sure did like them....your kitchen is beautiful....lots of great meals will be coming from there...

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new house! It's so pretty. I love the yellow!! My house is yellow too.

    For that space on the wall between your windows, you might want to consider a large family portrait. Or framing all of those wonderful and beautiful pictures you've taken. If you could get someone to make you a frame and matt it yourself, you could do a wonderful collage of your pictures and only put one hold in the wall. lol


  8. HI Tori...I guess my note didn't get posted yesterday. The LORD is indeed a rich God and Praise the LORD for his care for you with such a wonderful home. I hope to come back often and read about your work and blessings as a missionary.
    The space between the windows..a nice framed BIBLE verse...a metal scrolled plaque...or a nice dried flower wreath???

    See you again soon.
    Hope @ wateringwellsofhope

  9. What a beautiful home! What a blessing! I so enjoyed seeing the photos. Praying y'all settle in well. ;o)

    ~ Christina

  10. Wow, a beautiful home indeed! God is so good.

  11. Your house is so beautiful! It definitely reminds me of houses in the Czech Republic. I know a missionary in the CR whose house is painted the exact same yellow:o). Makes me what to go back and visit! Glad you're settling in.

  12. I enjoyed the tour!!! what a BEAUTIFUL home and Golden :P

    Glad things are going well, Isnt it great when the Lord not only supplies us with our needs but our wants as well. We are so rich! even without money! I really feel sorry for those who dont have this... A true and Loving God!

  13. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Hi, I just wanted to say your home is beautiful! I lived in Europe for quite a few years and I loved the homes there. And I miss the rolladins on the windows now that I'm back in the U.S. As a matter of fact, that's how I found your site! I was looking for a place to buy rolladins for the windows of my new luck so far. Another thing I miss about Europe is the hospitality. I didn't see much for the tourists, but the locals were always great to those of us who lived there. Good luck!

  14. You could do your vinyl letters in between your windows!!! Yay! Love your house. It is beautiful!


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