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Mission Presentation

I thought I would post our presentation for all my friends to see, hopefully it works!


  1. Tori, that was a really wonderful presentation. What a blessing! I pray the Lord blesses abundantly in your labor, bearing much fruit.



  2. Tori, what agreat presentation! It made me cry snd want to go there with you. Praying for you all as these two new couples join you on the field.

  3. You all did a great job! We enjoyed watching it as a family together. Praying for your family

  4. Tori, Thank you so much for letting us see the presentation you and your family have. It was a very good one, even if sad. I will keep you all in my prayers and pray that the Lord blesses your ministry and give you much fruit. God bless you. connie from Texas

  5. Thanks Ladies for all the sweet comments about our presentation. I'm praying that someone will be burdened for Croatia after seeing the video. At least maybe people will pray for the Bible project.
    Thanks alot!

  6. What a blessing that was for Ally and I watch!
    You picked great music, too. We love the song "To Every Creature".
    Praying for y'all and for the Bible project.

    ~ Christina


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