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Well what can I say!

Okay I know this isn't the cutiest picture, but I have to post it. The kids and I have an ongoing joke, You know why Europeans are called Europeans, well say it slowly.
Yea it's a common thing to see men using the great out doors for their necessaries. It was so funny two weeks ago as we were in Croatia to see this sign painted on the walls of a 2000 year old hallway. I thought it was funny. Like I said, I know it's in poor taste but I couldn't help myself. ;o]


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Hello Tori! Are you guys back in Europe now? I wasn't sure when you were getting back. Don't have much to say, just wanted to check in and let you know you were on my mind. ~Michelle C (vuh)

  2. Oh my! Lol. Can't help but snort and then pretend I didn't think it was funny. ROFLOL.

    God bless!

  3. Chelsie,
    I know I shouldn't have posted it but I couldn't help myself. I'm so amazed that men in Europe in general as so unashamed, but they are, so hence the need for these signs.
    Oh well, what can I say!

  4. Tori, I think the sign is funny. When we lived in Germany we would see men using the great outdoors in the busiest parts of Frankfurt! I was horrified the first time I saw it. LOL



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