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Tipping at Sonic???

Well I don't do this much but I can't help myself. My latest frustration is tipping, I mean really. I think after being in Croatia for so long where people seldom tip, I must be out of practice. Now don't get me wrong, we tip for good service.

My problem is that the tipping rules have changed. My sister-in-law and I were at Sonic (for you notherners, only the best drink stop around) and after we got our food my sister-in-law asked me "Aren't you going to tip him?" What???? Tip the Sonic Guy, you gotta be kidding. Guess what, she wasn't. Apparently while we were in Croatia the last 7 years, the tipping rules have changed.

Another instance happened today, we're at the motel and we were eating at the continental breakfast and right there on the cabinet, there it was the tip bucket. Okay come on, since when do we tip the woman who cleans and stocks the breakfast bar? She didn't even refill my juice so why would I tip her?

Well I'm putting my foot down, no more tipping unless I think the server deserves it. I'm not going to be bullied into tipping the drive through worker at the local StarBucks just for reaching through the window and handing me my $5 coffee. NO!!! I mean it to.

Please don't think I'm being mean, hey I appreciate good service as much as the next gal but enough is enough. I'm sorry mr. roller skate guy at Sonic, I can't, NO, I refuse to tip you for what you already get paid for. Hey by the way, why would I tip when my order is almost always wrong??? I ask you and leave it with you. ;0}


  1. LOL, well, I'm glad someone finally had the nerve to say it! I never tip at Sonic. It's fast food for crying outloud!!!

    And I never tip at the continental breakfasts either. Is that bad? Probably. But I think if the hotel promises a breakfast and you're willing to pour it, fry it, butter it, or slice it...they should tip you! LOL


  2. Amen Kristi! I just finally had it, I'm glad I'm not alone.

  3. LOL...that is so funny. Here on Okinawa we don't tip (unless it is on base)-the Japanese consider it rude :0) YAY!!

  4. LOL Too funny.

    Regarding Sonic: I was listening to a call-in radio program once, and the host was saying that the waiters at Sonic are paid at a low rate (in the $2 range) plus tips. I say, they should find a better job. LOL In this day, how many people even think of tipping at fast food places?

    Regarding Starbucks: I agree! LOL Why should I tip at the drive-through for crying out loud? And for that matter, why should I tip inside? If the company isn't making enough profit off my $5 drink and $3 muffin in order to give their employees a decent wage, something is wrong with their business practices!

    We went on a short vacation recently, and every where we turned around, there was a reminder that we should tip someone. In our hotel room, there was an envelope which we could leave money in for the maid. Up in the breakfast room there was a tip jar. When we rented a horse and carriage for two hours at a high hourly rate, there was a tip jar on the counter, along with a reminder on the paper we signed saying that tips were highly appreciated. Of course we tipped at the restaurants we ate at, but while my husband was going over our credit card statement, he came out and said that one of the restaurants we ate at ADDED three dollars to the tip he gave!!! Apparently it wasn’t a good enough tip for them? At the historical sites we visited (and paid to get in), there were opportunities to leave money to further aid the preservation and continuation of the site. Every where we went, we paid through the nose and then were bombarded with requests for more money!!!

    Can you see this is a pet peeve of mine as well? =) I think it is a rude practice to ask for a tip!

  5. This was too funny - but oh so true!!

  6. That is so funny.

    Actually according to etiquette (sp), your only suppose to tip people for service related issues. For instance, your hairdresser, cab driver, waitress, hotel cleaning lady, etc... The amount is between 10-20% depending on the job well done. For a job that the 10-20% would not apply then you start with $2 and go up depending on the satifaction of the service. If there is a tipping bucket, that usually means that it is not something normally tipped and you can ignore it. LOL!

    Fast food places are not really places where you would tip someone unless they go over and above the call of duty. My husband says I'm tip happy, I'm always asking "Are we suppose to tip them?" I recently seen a segment on the news about tipping. It was very enlightening.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...


  7. Thanks Jessica that was some pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for reading.


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