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Happy Saturday!!

So how was your week?? Mine was pretty uneventful. Didn't really do alot this week other than school and laundry. :0)

For dinner the other night I made chicken sour cream enchiladas. Usually these are great but.... well I called Johnny and had him bring me a jar of fefferonies, they are the closest thing to green chilis that we have. Normally I usually seed and chop a whole jar and add them, so I did this time too. It wasn't until the meal was finished that I realized these were not ordinary peppers, they were the super hot kind. I'm talking breathing fire hot. It wasn't exactly funny but it did have some humor in it. My dear husband tried so hard to eat them and managed quite a bit but boy were they hot. Usually my enchiladas are delish, if I do say so myself but this time not even the dog wanted the leftovers!! :0)

Oh yea I did the typing test I found over at Mrs. B's place and I didn't do well. I scored like 85% accuracy with 35 words a minute, maybe I need to take it again. ;0)

I wanted to share a few new blogs I've been visiting lately. Mrs. Kate over at Maranatha does absolutely wonderful devotions and she's in the middle of a series on discouragment. Pop over and see her, you wont be disappointed.

Been visiting Kristi over at Thimble Thoughts, I just love reading about her sweet family.

I make it over to Courtneys quite often too, she is so sweet and has so much wisdom for one so young.
Anyhooo, if you don't visit these ladies, take a look.

I'm off to prepare my activity for Sunday school tomorrow.
I'm leaving you with this sweet poem written by the late Pastor Jack Hyles, I thought it was really sweet. Have a wonderful Lord's Day!!!

By Dr. Jack Hyles

Oh, a friend is one whose presence
Is a happy holiday,
And some minutes spent together
Beat vacations far away.
One whose handclasps for a moment
Far surpass a day of rest,
And is always an oasis
To the one he loves the best.

Yes, a friend is one whose presence
Far exceeds a weekend trip.
And a rendezvous together,
When the two can sit and sip
On a cup of tea and chatter,
Gives to both more rest and zip
Than two weeks high in the mountains
If one friend is far away,
Or a cruise upon the ocean,
When the other has to stay.

And a friend is one who thinketh
Halitosis smelleth sweet
When it cometh from the closeness
Of the one he loves to meet,
When they two can sit together
While they rest their weary feet;
For it's only at such moments
When they both can feel complete.

Oh, a friend is one who liveth
Oft to share a funny joke;
And one minute spent together
Beats an hour with other folk;
And a friend is one who pulleth
As he shares with me my yoke.

If the road is straight and narrow,
Or exerts a sudden bend,
The one who walks it with you
Is the one we call, "A friend."


  1. Hi Tori! How funny about your spicy meal! Thank you for sharing such great links! Joy and blessings to you!

  2. I was just telling Mrs. B that I took this test and my Gross Speed was 72 WPM. I had two errors. My Net Speed was 70 WPM and I had a 97% Accuracy.

    That was really fun. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the blog plug. :)


  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Wow!!! I can only imagine how hot those enchiladas were. My MIL makes some awesome enchiladas (which we're having for lunch tomorrow BTW...YUM!!) but she always has to make an extra mild batch for me. I don't tolerate spiciness well at all!! I end up in severe pain a few hours after eating anything the least bit spicy. I know...I know...I'm a whimp!! Oh well. It does say alot though that your doggie didn't even want the leftovers...LOL!!

  4. Wow! I bet those were some hot enchiladas!

  5. Thanks for the links. I love the devotions.

    Okay, Are you going to share the recipe for your chicken sour cream enchiladas? The non-fire breathing ones.:)



  6. Oh, Tori!! I have done a very similar thing with peppers!! I KNEW that I had put in mild chiles, but, upon the first bite of the meal, my eyes gushed water and my turned BRIGHT RED! My problem was that I didn't read the can of peppers- insanely hot was NOT what I intended to put in my dish! HA!! At least I did create some funny memories that day!! :)

    Oh, and would you mind sharing your enchilada recipe? Pretty please?? :)

    Mrs. U


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