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Georgous Fall Wreath

I was looking around the web for fall decor considering it's less than a month until Autumn starts and I found this! Isn't it lovely?? I love the quail feathers and just the totally classy look of the bronze ribbon. Anyhoo, I'm not decorating for fall this year at out home but I wanted to share this with you. It's lovely isn't it!!!

  • Begin with a pre-made twig wreath (22 inches wide).
  • Using hot glue and a glue gun, attach tiny pheasant pinfeathers to a few twig ends.
  • Using hot glue, attach Brazil nuts (found in grocery stores) around the center opening.
  • Insert medium-size pheasant feathers, all facing the same direction as the twigs. Attach with hot glue. About a dozen long tail feathers are used in the lower third of the wreath. Divide the feathers, using half on one side, half on the other, gluing them horizontally so they resemble whiskers on a cat-s face.
  • A large bow of brown satin, attached with florist-s wire, is centered above the large feathers.


  1. It's gorgeous!! I haven't made a fall wreath yet but I will keep this one in mind. I hope Michaels sells those wonderful feathers!!

  2. It really is pretty and the quail feathers are very unusual and very beautiful. I've never seen them used in wreath before. I love it. Thanks for sharing it.


  3. Cool wreath! The ribbon is beautiful.

    I have to let you know that my girls all gathered around me while I was reading your blog, and they all started waving and pointing at the screen at one time! I couldn't figure out what they were doing until I saw the little guy waving and pointing on your sidebar. They really like him!

  4. That is beautiful. I wish it were even close to fall here. We still have a good 3 months...

  5. The wreath is beautiful! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs!

  6. It is so pretty! I am definitely ready for fall! Blessings to you!

  7. I've enjoyed reading through your old blog posts and nearly tumped over when I hit on the Southern post. I've lived in Alabama all my life and understood every word you said!

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  8. That is way cool. I usually don't do crafty stuff (not good at it - lol), but I think I give that one a try. Like beautiful. Thank you for the instrustions.
    BTW - I am here from via the CWO blog and Carol is right - wonderful blog you have and what an awesome ministry you have ministering to the Roma people.


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