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Super Easy Pin Cusion

So I found this really neat site, don't even ask me where, I don't even remember how long ago it was. I just remembered I wanted to make one, so when I already had the mess of the machine and all my junk out I thought I would take the opprotunity. So here is my step by step thinggy for making a pin cushion, not that it's all that difficult. *Ü*

1. I found some material I liked, and cut out at six inch circle, or sorta circle, I didn't use a protractor, but at least it doesn't look like a square. *Ü*

2. Of course I put right sides together and hemed around the edge with a strait stitch leaving enough of a gap to stuff this little critter.

3. After I stuffed the thinggy, I hemmed the opening shut. Don't laugh! I know it doesn't look sp professional, but I'm not one so that's why!

4. Then I took some pink thread, threaded a big eyed needed a few times (the more threads you use at one time the less times you have to run it through. Then when I finished that I added the little button.

* oh yea I forgot, it's good to use a felty material for the base, don't ask me why, that's just what everyone says. *Ü*


    1. I've seen those around, and think they are so cute! I haven't made any yet though!

    2. are REALLY MAKING ME FEEL LIKE BECOMING "CRAFT "UN" DYSLEXIC" now!! I will take a deep breath and get myself unto the craft store this week.....practicing my labor breathing (which should work better with this)!!LOL. You and Tammy up there amaze me. Elly

    3. Very cute pincusion! I'm going to have to give this one a try! Thanks for posting!!

    4. I like that idea.
      Thank you for sharing it.
      I think I'll try that one with Ally.

      ~ Christina
      HsKubes HomeSchool Haven
      HsKubes Haven for Home
      Christian Military HomeSchool Mamas

    5. So cute!! The pink string adds such a nice touch!

    6. I love how you positioned the flower in the middle! Looks great!

    7. This thing was so easy, we're talking about 20 minutes kinda easy. *Ü*

    8. Hey, that's really cute and a good idea. I'll share this with our Denim and Lace group at church.


    9. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas! I love both the pin cushion and the bag, adorable! Yours turned out very cute!

    10. I keep seeing those and wanting to make one. Now I know how. Thanks!

    11. This turned out so cute. I'm thinking of turning out a bunch of these for Christmas gifts. Not only do they look easy but also will cost me almost nothing to make since I have all the supplies except for felt. Thanks for sharing this.

    12. Thanks for sharing the photos...and sooo cute!

      now I need to get busy in my sewing room...excuse me!


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