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Not Just for Canning!

I found this great page! Jar Art by Ball. You know, the Ball canning jars. Well they have this new thing, well new to me, about decorating the jars with scrapping stuff, you have to see them.

A great way to spice up those jar mixs everyone gives for the holidays.

Then they also have a page full of ideas. All sorts of things to do with the jars and the files are in PDF form so really easy to print. It's worth a look! 80)

You can also sign up for a quartly newsletter full of crafting ideas. It's a great idea for all you crafters and it's FREE!!! Oh yea here's the LINK. :o)

I almost forgot, for those of you who want to using the jars for, uhh canning and aren't so sure how to do it, has two walk through videos on how to make freezer jam and salsa. It's worth a look! ;0)

Oh oh! I had to add this: It's a Ball Home Canning Kit. It come with:
~A 21 quart waterbath canning pot
~Canning jar rack
~Six pint jars
~"Collection Elite" lids and rims
~1 Ball "Blue canning instruction book"
~1 jar lifter
~1 lid wand
~1 canning funnel
~1 bubble Freer spatula
~$10.00 in valuable Ball home canning coupons

This would be an ideal gift for the new homemaker or any young lady. This would also be a great addition to any hopechest. You can purchase it here at Jarden Home for 49.99.

No I'm not getting any commision from this thinggy ;0) I just thought it was a great thing.

Happy Canning!


  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to check those out. I have a recipe book for "Gifts In A Jar" and these would be ideal for that. :)


  2. Neat! I enjoyed looking at their site and signed up for their newsletter. Thank you for sharing. *Ü*

    ~ Christina
    HsKubes HomeSchool Haven
    HsKubes Haven for Home
    Christian Military HomeSchool Mamas

  3. Thanks for the great link, Tori!

    Mrs. C

  4. Those are really cute Jars..I am going to check out the link..

  5. Thanks! Great ideas!

  6. Anonymous8:37 AM

    A friend gave me a funnel, wand, and jar lifter and they were very useful when I was canning.

  7. Thanks Tori for the link. I plan on doing some gifts in a jar this year. This info will come in handy.


  8. I really liked some of the ideas on the site also. I'm going to have to go back and spend some time looking around. Glad you found the links useful! ;0)

  9. Thanks Tori, I love this!

  10. Great ideas. I never would have thought of using scrapbook stuff!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful link and ideas. I will definitely be using some.


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