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The New Testament

Matthew and Mark, and Luke and John,
The Holy Gospels wrote.

Describing how the Savior died--
His life-- and all He taught;

Acts proved how God the Apostles owned
With signs in every place,

Paul, in Romans, teaches us
How man is saved by grace.

The Apostles in Corinthians,
Instructs, exhorts, reproves;

Galatians shows that faith in Christ
Alone the Father loves.

Ephesians and Philippians tell
What Christians ought to be;

Colossians bids us live to God
And for eternity,

In Thessalonians we are taught
The Lord will come from heaven;

In Timothy and Titus
A bishop’s rule is given.

Philemon marks a Christian’s love,
Which only Christians know;

Hebrews reveals the Gospel
Prefigured by the law;

James teaches without holiness
Faith is but vain and dead,

Peter points the narrow way
In which the saints are led.

John in his three Epistles,
On love delights to dwell;

Jude gives awful warning
Of judgment, wrath and hell;

The Revelation prophesies of
that tremendous day

When Christ, and Christ alone,
shall be

The trembling sinner's stay.

Thomas Russell


  1. I will be printing this one out!

  2. I thought it was neat too.

  3. Thank you for sharing. This one is a keeper.


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