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Have You Noticed???

I'm sure you have, I added music to my blog!!! The station playing is Old Fashion Christian Music Radio, it's a ministry of Bro. Michael M. McFadden. Bro. McFadden is a faithful member of my homechurch in the states; Trinity Baptist Church.

Many have asked about the music and if it is okay for them to use it on their blogs. I have e-mailed Bro. McFadden to make sure it's okay and we aren't stealing bandwidth or something like that.

I love the music Bro. McFadden plays, it's so good. I'm a very old fashioned gal, definantly not into all the contemporary stuff, I like the old fashioned hymns and spiritual songs. ;0)

Thank you Bro. McFadden for a wonderfully Godly station.


  1. I love it! I left your site on last night and turned up the speakers for the wonderful music. My oldest daughter sat up with me for a while and we just sat in a big comfy chair and listened. Thank you!

  2. I'm old fashioned in the music department too! =) I used to listen to that station a lot, but I haven't for a while.


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