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My Family

I can't even tell you how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family. They are my wind in the morning. God has been so good to give me a family that loves me and respects the place God has put us in .

My #1 is Johnny. We've been married for almost 19 years and honestly, not just saying it, it gets better every year. He is the most understanding and giving man I've ever met. I can honestly say that my desire is for my Hannah to marry someone just like her Daddy. He wonderful and I'm so blessed!

Cody is our oldest, he'll be 18 this year and the first one to leave home. He's a Mama's Boy, not at all wimpy but he loves his Mama. He's my go-to guy. He's there when I need him and I can always count on him. He has made us so proud and I'm sure God has something incredible in store for him. We love him so much.
Joshua is our middle son, he's gonna be 15 this year and he is sheer fun. Joshua has been a ray of sunshine since he was born, always happy and laughing. He brings such fun to our lives and we love him so much. He's the middle child, like his mother so he's got a lot of special talents and making people laugh is one of them. We love him so much.

Hannah is our baby girl. Okay so she's not so young anymore but she's still our baby. She's gonna be a teen this year. She's so loving. This kid gives us kissed and hugs hundreds of times a day. She's got more love to give them 100 people. I'm sure God's gonna use her to reach those who have never been loved. We love her so much.

God's been so good to me. My greatest desire is that God would use each of my children in His full time ministry. I pray that they will spend their lives telling others about their Wonderful Savior!

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  1. Your family is beautiful! It must surely need extra grace for your oldest to be coming back to the states for college...


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