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Culottes, Culottes, and More Culottes…
For those of you ladies who believe the Lord wants ladies to look like ladies, here are some good sites I found for ordering culottes. With camp coming on and all I was looking around. I don't persoanlly wear culottes outside the house but lots of ladies do. Happy surfing.

My Culottes
Modest Christian Wear
Quick Stitches
Culottes That Teally Look Like a Skirt
Christian Culottes
Sew Many Children
Modest Apparel
JDM Ladies Sports Wear
Online Culotte Pattern - my friend Angela

Oh yea I found this pattern on ebay, isn't it nice. I'm going to take some material to my seamstress here in Croatia and have her make some of these for my daughter. I think I'll have her make them a bit more full so they look like a dress.

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