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CHEF'S Gravy Separator

Okay so I found this really cool gadget. It eliminates the fat and keeps the flavor for homemade gravy. Is this thing cool or what.

Okay don't tell me, you all already have one of these and I'm the last one on the block to find out about these.

I know I'm running on about this but this is so simple .

So then I'm thinking that I need one of these but really where would I put it, I know it's small and all but I have cabinets full of small things. I'm really into things that will stack and I'm thinking this wont.

Anyhow, I thought I would share it, it's pretty nifty! Oh yea you can purchase one from CHEFS.


  1. Now that looks handy!

  2. Aren't those just the COOLEST things??? Now that's science. LOL


  3. I've seen these, but don't have one yet. For some reason, its hard for me to get all the grease skimmed off when I make gravy.


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