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Aprons, my new found love!!

Okay so I've been checking out the apron craze going on and I'm slowing getting hooked. They are so practical and I like the motivation that comes from wearing one.

I'm not really the frooffy, frilly type but I still love a good, practical apron. So I found a to die for site for apron lovers.
Tie One On I spent way too much time there looking around at the different toes people have made. I'm motivated and i have the material so all that's left is putting feet to my motivation. I'm going to try to get all my housework done early tomorrow so I can attack the apron craze that's taken over my brain.

So I'm going to try to post my apron here when I finish it.
Stay tuned!!!

I found this little neato thing at . I just thought it was interesting. Everything you need on one little graphic.

I'm on the hunt for all things apron now. We'll see what I can come up with.


  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Tori!

    I, too, have fallen in love with aprons....I just need to get some!

  2. Yea me too, I only have one and don't even ask where it is. Tomorrow I'll have two. :0)

  3. Thank you for posting that website. I have it marked so I can drool over those aprons when my children are in bed. lol I can't wait to get started on mine. I know I definitely want pockets so that I can put all the little odds and ends I pick up from the floor that I don't want my little one putting in his mouth, etc. I can't wait to see yours when you're done. Keep us posted.

  4. I came upon your blog in a roundabout way and I love it. I, too, am on an apron craze right now having seen the "tie one on" site several weeks ago. I have patterns and fabric ready to go for several aprons.... I just need to get busy. :-) Have a blessed day!


  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Sorry for the deleted comment! My links didn't work right, for some reason. If you look on my May Archive, I did five different posts on aprons! :D

  7. Tammy,
    I'll be wondering over there soon to check out your apron posts.

  8. Where did you find that yellow one?? It is beautiful! I love the style! Is there a place to order them or a pattern??


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