Oct 14, 2019

Weekend in Review

I tell you what, It seems like life goes from Monday to Monday. The older I get the faster the weeks pass.
This weekend our church joined the two other independent Baptist churches in Croatia and went to Rijeka, a coastal city, to pass out tracts and witness. There was a good group and one saved so far. 

Okay so I'm not in the photo and there's a really good reason for that, I wasn't there. 

4 weeks ago I had bunion surgery on my right foot and I'm still not walking normally, actually I'm still in a special boot; not a pretty sight. I've been down for 4 weeks and I have to tell you, I don't think I can make it much longer. I'm a "doer" and it's hard to "do" when you can't walk. I did figure something out, out of necessity. I'm a ambidextrous sewer! I had no idea I could sew with my left foot but lookie-lookie! So I finally figured that at least I could sew, so sew I did. 
So I was talking to my daughter the other day, (she's married and lives in Oklahoma, 5700 miles away) anyhow, she said, "Mom, I can't believe you put a photo of your foot online, (this very photo) that's so 'old woman'." 
I was like what? 46 isn't old!

I started a sew-a-long with Pat Sloan, Winter Fun Sew Along and I've got my first two blocks finished. I love fat blocks, there work up really fast and are super easy.
I've also started my own Christmas mini-quilt using Diane Bohn's My First Alphabet paper piece patterns. I'm really surprised just how easy the patterns are to follow. I'm not where close to being finished but I might as well share what I've got done, (makes me feel productive to see something). There are so many possibilities with these letters, can't wait to get some of my UFO's finished and then get creative!
So before I finish, I think I need to be a little transparent, before you guys start to think that I'm an awesome quilter or something. I started to finish one of my UFOs and was getting along pretty okay until I realized that I'm an idiot. See if you can see what I did wrong, and now it's not my free-hand quilting.
So apparently this little baby quilt wasn't even close to being ready for quilting, would have been nice if my "samwich" had had two pieces of bread. 

Oct 3, 2019

Self-hate is NOT Humility

One of my closest friends and her sweet daughter have a wonderful blog, The Rasbeary Patch, and I wanted to share one of their posts. I have known the author, Beth Pritchard since she was just a little tiny Rasbeary and now she's a 22 year old married women. She's always been a wonderful testimony has grown to be very wise. Please leave me a comment and go by and visit The Rasbeary Patch and let Beth know that she was a blessing. 

Oct 2, 2019

Free Fall Desktop Wallpaper + Bonus

Can you even believe that it's October?!? It's crazy, right? 
I've been recovering from foot surgery so I've not been able to walk for 3 weeks and yesterday, with the help of my crutches I walked out onto the patio and was surprised how much the leaves had turned. I came in and realized that it's time for a new desktop wallpaper. 

I will tell you that I'm terribly torn between my current wallpaper (our sweet 2 year old grandson Garren) and replacing it. 

BTW, if you're still looking for the bonus, getting to see my Garebear was the bonus; you're welcome.

Sep 30, 2019

October Already!?!

   I feel a little silly saying, "I cant believe the month is almost over", 'cause I say it every month but I can't believe that the month is almost over!
   September has come and almost gone and we're looking hard at October! What?!? How can it be October already? Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that it's almost October for several reasons: 1. I love punpkins. 2. I love cuddling weather. 3. I love stew. 4. It's cuddling weather (yes, I really love cuddling).
   Anyhoo, for the month of October we are going to write out the entire book of Ephesians; I'm really excited about this! The overall theme of Ephesians is, "Our riches in Christ", and what a great thing to focus on for a whole month. When we realize the riches we have in Christ it only makes us love Him more.
For you all who have ink-hungry printers, there's a text only version for your delight.