Aug 9, 2021

KJV Scripture Writing Challenge for August 2021 - One Needful Thing

Hey Y'all, Happy almost August. I tell you what, since starting furlough three and a half weeks ago, I've had to fight to get in my time with Jesus each morning; life is crazy busy.

I think with all the camping and vaca going on, we need a little push to remember just how important the Words of Jesus are and how much we need them. 

I need this and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 


Jun 23, 2021

Don't Quit! KJV Scripture Writng Schedule for July 2021

 Wow! It seems like I start all these with the word , "Wow!". Time is flying by and we are almost of the backside of 2021. Along with time speeding by, the world is changing at a very rapid pace. Along iwth the world's dramatic, ongoing change, the church itself is also changing. I notice daily people who one stood for holiness and right as conforming to the world and are not longer a peculiar people. We need to hold fats! Dig our heels in and get stubborn about our stand for Christ. It's not time to be relaxed, it's time to keep going and doing what we know the Lord wants us to do. Don't quit----don't quit what you know the Bible instrcts you to do, dont quit living holy for the Lord, don't quit sharing the gospel with the word; just don't quit!

When the Lord returns, and it's not far off, I want us to be found faithful and doing what He left us to do.
I'm looking forward to this month---I need it!

Apr 23, 2021

Rejoicing in the Valley - Scripture Writing Schedule - May 2021

 I'm so excited about the Scripture writing schedule for the month of May. I have to tell you, between health concerns, Covid lock-downs, and family heartahces, it feels like I visit the valley often. The key to joy in the valley is learning to thank God for the trials and valleys. When we believe Romans 8:28, we can rest in the fact that everything that happens in our lives, are just pieces of God's beautiful plan for us.

I hope this is as much a blessing to y'all as I know it will be for me.
There's also a light-ink version for those of you with hungry printers.